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A different and unique experience on May 12, 13 and 14

If you are in a period of your life that you want to make small or big decisions, but you feel stuck,

or you are longing for something else, you remain implacable, you lack passion

and appetite for life, or you do not know exactly what you want, It is more likely that you

are listening to many different commands within you that are reasonably confusing.

At the same time that you say "yes" immediately the "no" appears, and vice versa.

Usually this noise is due to the fact that you hear a lot of different voices: you listen to the

voice of your parents, your children, society, school, friends, etc.

In short, you listen to everybody except yourself, to your inner voice, the wills, the

dreams, the needs, the desires that come from your own center, from your "being".

What is happening is that you have moved your center to other circles, or your center has

been occupied by other "centers" for example of my "work", "my child", "my mother" etc. A

common known phrase / command in these cases is: "Above all my family, or work etc.

It's interesting to explore what it means when you make such decisions and it's simple:

You say "no" to yourself, and "yes" to everything outside of yourself and therefore you are

solely dependent on them.

Before you try to justify the error (which has an impact on you and your surroundings), we

urge you to remember the instructions of the plane in "emergency, when oxygen masks

fall". Remember? "First to you and then to your child"

Now, of course, there is distance between theory and practice, a distance you have to

walk through. However, reality is simple: if you really want to find the balance between

your center, that is yourself, , your life, and everyone around it, you have to do something

about it.

First and "above all" (as we mentioned before) you need to have a strong will ! You need

to say "It's enough!" When you feel it, then, you will be able to look for ways to change

this life that wants you to run after everyday incidents as "my child", "my husband", "my

friends" etc.

The important things in your life will be those that create peace, evolution and smile. Then

you will begin to live with wisdom without fear for the opinions of others, because you will

just listen and trust “your voice”, yourself.

The path is very simple, and for that reason, perhaps, is not for everyone:

All voices / commands / beliefs / ideas / memories / commands should stop

This is only happening if you withrdaw in complete isolation, far away from the misty and

painful noise of all "voices"!

At the same time, you impose silence on yourself, in order to stop, first of all, the chatter

of the mind itself, you commonly start the voiceness.

In addition, when you give your body the command to "stop" , your body asks for “food”,

and thus you also get in fasting.

In this context, you start your research, trying to listen to yourself for the first time and the

answers that will come from yourself will surprise you! The reason being that without the

limitations of memory and mind, you will now be in a position to have a full picture from

above, and thus you will be able to see millions of alternatives to any problem.

You will meet different aspects of yourself and you will begin to create the core of your

own life, with values, vision, future, and purpose. However, you have not reached your

destination, you must implement them and put them into your everyday life.

When you find things that are important to you, your values, the life you desire, the care

you want to have, then you will create a very strong and clear "yes" to those that are

keeping up with your values, and a "no" without drama or tension, on what is not


You will be able to respond to the demands of your daily routine, work, family, taxes etc.

but there will not only be those! As by magic, there will be you as well!!

This communication with yourself, and the foundation of a center with your values and

needs, will give voice to your being (who always speaks to you, but you never listen), and

will guide your life by using your mind as a tool for implementation. Currently, your mind

uses you as its tool, and therefore you do not listen to the voice inside you, and of course

you do not obey it. But only this voice, this inner wisdom and power, this sense of what is

good and beautiful for you can bring balance to your center, your life. No mind, no

society, no surroundings, no prescript.

If you are ready to meet yourself and your desires, in this retrospect, you will learn the

way and the tools to do it.


We have heard many times about this center, about this inner wisdom and power, the

voice that whispers, intuition, guardian angel, core and many other descriptions.

All of us have this intuition, this "aha", this decision making voice, from something within

us that told us so, without any reasonable explanation. All the great businessmen and

celebrities had it, we all have it, it's not something outside of us, they are not entities or

words of consolation.

In fact, even high-ranking business executives or important people like Steve Jobs, Sir

Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey and Warren Buffett attribute part of their success to the

moments "aha!".

Albert Einstein once said that this is our most precious asset and one of our less used

senses. It is our most natural biological function. Each of us has its own "sense" of what is

worth it and it is right for our lives.


If something has been happening nowadays, it is that we have distanced ourselves from

nature and our five senses and as a result, being completely cut off from the sixth, that of

the intuition, of the inner voice.

There is a lot of misinformation, supposedly spiritual, impregnated with hallucinogenic

substances and much more about this inner voice and wisdom. None of these are true,

and none of these will help you find your answers, but above all, no illusion will help you

implement the solutions you've found. You are not asked to have a superior power, a

way of thinking that will make you more "alternative" or "spiritual". It is just that in difficult

times, when you have to make big and small decisions, when you have big questions

about “who I am” and “where I am going”, you can find practically the way that will lead

you to the answers, or at least the direction, based on your truth, and not on your

surroundings, beliefs, society, past and mind programming.


The most basic precondition for the beginning of such a persuit - route, is to understand

the simplicity and wisdom of Einstein, which says : “The same mind (thoughts) that

creates the problem, can not find the solution.

In a few words, you have to get out of the hole you have created yourself or the mind has

done it for you. This means you have to move away from the burning area and retreat

somewhat more quietly, more distantly so you can get the so-called “big picture”. The

movement looks like that of the ostrich, who has its head in the soil and sees only

darkness, until it gets the eagle's flying to see from above the thousands of possibilities

that exist. Steve Jobs was known for his long walks when he was stuck with a problem,

so that he could experience moments of true clarity.


All of these sounds nice theoretically, but different cultures tens of thousands of years

ago have had a practical approach to this quest for wisdom. The withdrawal and isolation

was (and still is) done literally, either in the desert or in the forest. And it was not only a

withdrawal from everyday life, but also helped the body to clear the toxins by fasting.

It is precisely this cleansing of the body, the mind, the habits and the words that creates

the clarity and the clairvoyance and thus with a clear mind and an open heart the

responses begin to appear.


Voiceness, fasting and withdrawal are the 3 basic prerequisites. This is how the request

for the 4 points of the Native Americans' therapeutic cycle begins. For Crees or

NEHIYAWAKS, that means to be balanced in the Four Parts of the Four Directions of the

Healing Wheel. These four parts for every human being are the spiritual, physical,

emotional and mental aspects of the itself. We have to try to balance these four parts that

have been given to us, to act as normal people. The fire is at the center of the healing

wheel, from where comes the meaning of the teaching. For Crees fire represents yourself.

When you look at the Healing Wheel, you begin by yourself. And as you look outside the

wheel, you make your circle. This is the way in which the Healing Wheel represents the

“journey of people's lives. "

Every element, earth, water, air and fire are in fact four parts of our own center, or they

make up our center. When you reconnect with the quality of each element, you explore

how much the elements are expressed and cultivated, the needs they have (you have)

and that helps to unroll your search bucket.


For some people, this reunion may sound too distant, but the withdrawal in nature

multiplies that ability. The unique horses, and the nights we will spend in Hippolysis will

represent the wild-free nature, the desert and the forest. We have also added exercises,

questions, small rituals (without any religious connection), the cycle with the 4 elements,

the music with the Indian drum and flute, sounds, meditations all within the time of fasting

(24 hours) .

You need to practice immobility to be able to see and feel this inner voice. This test /

cleanliness at all levels, combined with the "exaggeration" of the habits of our culture

through mobile phones, sofas, electricity, television and soft strings that usually last for a

while, will actually help you to experience your truths. Soil, air, nature and animals can

help you live the truth, because they are true, it is nature itself. For this reason, during the

whole process, the cellphones will be handed in. Your friends and relatives will of be able

to reach you on Hippolythes call center in case of need.


The qualities of nature, earth, air, fire, and water in combination with the withdrawal from

everyday life - will help you discover your strengths and awake your forgotten powers and

sensitivities. This contact will lead you to a harmonious, full of health & energy and

peaceful life.

When you reconnect with your center, you will come across the purity and insight of the

air, the passion and commitment of the fire, and the practical side of the earth. You will

meet the 4 sides of yourself that are necessary for anything you do. It should be made

clear, however, that linking with your inner wisdom, is not a “weekend” affair, rather than a

lifetime commitment. You will be able to continue your practice after the end of the



You will receive through your e-mail meditations to prepare the body and you. A week

before, try not to eat one meal during the day, to prepare your body for the 24-hour


Inform your friends and relatives about the process of voiceness. You can communicate

with them by texting.


Throughout your stay there will be silence, however, there will be specific moments you

may ask your questions. The fasting will be kept for two days. Friday night (we will have

a soup) until next Saturday night, and Saturday night to Sunday afternoon, however, there

will always be something light in case you need to eat something.

Mobile phones will remain tightly closed, you will actually hand them in them when you


Ideally you may stay in Hippolysis at night, with your own sleeping bag, inside the

workshop room. We recommend it, if you want to multiply the benefits of the isolation

from everyone and everything. You can, however, go to your home.


Experiential exercises


Exercises with horses

Painting, kinesiology and much more



The elderly will tell you that the Healing Circle is life itself. Look at the four seasons and

follow the sun. Spring in the east, summer in the south, falls to the west and winter to the

north. It tells the whole story about how all life came in abundant light, rising to the east,

and then fading as it moves west and north. All life rises and sets like the sun. What we

do in between is our journey. There is the need of the gifts of the four directions - the gifts

of spirit, physical body, emotions and mind - and we need to find the balance within these

four kingdoms. Many people nowadays are out of balance because they tend to prefer

only two parts of themselves, mental and physical. They forget to take care of their

spiritual side and often they do not know how to express and deal with their emotions.

People believe that by expressing their anger, they express their feelings. But that does

not mean they are emotional. Anger is a defense mechanism that protects our emotional

part. Our sensitive part is our emotional field, the place that feels the truth about what's

around us. But we will show anger before we show this true part of ourselves because we

have learned to feel ashamed of it. We will be angry because this is acceptable -

unfortunately, some believe it is also severed - but we will not show our true feelings, our

vulnerability and our sensitivity, because they are not acceptable. So we learned to

replace these feelings with anger.

As for the spirit, there does not seem to be enough time. People believe they need to

make a commitment of time through long periods of devotion to be spiritual. However,

spirituality is memory. It is to remember that the first thing that was given to us when we

were created was the spirit. Unfortunately, we tend to forget it, and then to deny our spirit

and take it for granted.

So we must remember where we came from and the gifts that were given to us as human



Every culture has found ways to cope, embrace and understand the elemental forces of

nature. The elements of the nature have been recognized by different cultures all over the

world. We find symbolic representations of earth, fire, water and air, inside prehistoric

caves, on ancient shamanic dances, and in the rhythms of the drum ancestors. The

elements are of central importance to major therapeutic and spiritual practices such as

those in China and India. Some cultural traditions include a fifth element. The Chinese

system contains fire, water, earth, metal and wood. The Buddhist system also includes

fire, water and earth, along with air and ether (or space). While the elemental symbolism

dates back to the recorded history. The four elements are naturally associated with

ancient Greek philosophy, such as Heraclitus, Pythagoras, Platonas and many others.

These four elements play are also important facts in astrology, jelly, alchemy, Jungi

psychology and other systems with far-reaching cultural implications.


The unique healing horses of Hippolysis, Dr. Niki Makroyannni Neurologist-Psychiatrist -

EAGALA certified, Chrysa Baxevandi Psychotherapist - EAGALA certified, Dana Meidan

Holistic therapist & healer, Dimitris Kokkinias healer, and Hippolysis staff will be there to

help you and guide you on your trip.



Records at 18:00,

Start of the first phase 19:00 - 21:00



Leading East

Unhappy meditation exercises



Unhappy meditation exercises

End at 18:00

Cost 270 euros

The cost of participation is valid until May 1st, then will increase

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