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Kea Healing Week Retreat  | Nourish and Renew Yourself

Combining the infinite blue of the Agean sea, with the infinity that lies inside you.

3 to 8 of July


Taking “time out”, whether we travel far away to explore other cultures and languages, or stay closer to home, allow us time for a rich exploration of our deepest self.

When too much busyness or overcommitment cuts us off from our inner being, there are times when we become ill from too much stews, or being out of alignment with our essential being. An enforced retreat, due to illness, sometimes turns out to be a blessing in disguise, especially if we use our “down time” as a “retreat”. Self - reflection and meditation help us recreate a life of balance.

While alone or in retreat, our self-image (which become defined by our position in life, past experiences, work role, gender, of how friends “see us”) starts to dissolve like a mirage in a desert. When we are stripped of our self image, by cutting our selves out of our own “feedback loop”, we open the gates to depths of ourselves which we may never have known before.

The richness of our awareness and the expansive quality of our mind has a chance to fly free. Joy and laughter emerge like a spring of clean, clear water, unpolluted by social conditions. If we are communing with nature on our retreat we may feel so merged with in that we feel the life force tingling in each cell of our body. When we cleared, our chi, or life force, can flow freely and enliven us. If we give ourselves the opportunity, we become aware of the things that, ordinary, rob us of our life force.

Each one of us has a unique formula for keeping the life force flowing. Perhaps certain relationships, take too much of us, and some may even be draining. Maybe we do not give ourselves enough solitude for inner reflection and the recharging of our batteries. Maybe we need to change our profession to one we “enjoy”. Sometimes it is a simple matter of reordering and reprioritizing how we relate to others, and how we manage the mundane details of our life. We may need to keep a journal. write down dreams, and make lists of our goals and affirmations.


When dolphins retreat from their pod, it is usually not for long time, as dolphins are “adept” energy managers and energy cleaners. They will clean themselves if they’ve become overloaded. Doing power runs , joy jumping, or just slowly cursing along alone, are ways a dolphin will clear upsets or clogged- up energy. They are masters of doing this “essential cleansing process” quickly. After they’ve had a little retreat, the rejoin the pod, refreshed, harmonious, and ready for radical play.


An island with rich history and relaxing beaches, Kea Greece has nice seaside villages, a picturesque capital and crystal beach waters combined with an earthy colours wild, mountainous landscape.

It is there where Dana and Dimitris will wait for you, for the Healing Week.


Meditating on unique beaches, walking on the ancient paths of the island, combining thus the natural beauty of the mainland along with infinite blue of the Aegean sea, along with the wonderful food, this week will definitely make you feel the frequencies of bliss and deep relaxation in all your bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).


This environment, combined with workshops, healing treatments, heart to heart talks, will help you to lower your tension and stress. You will experience a deep relaxation, which will lead you back to your own energy, making you feel inner peace and increased vitality.



The Program


Friday 3/7, 

11:00 - 14:00

Guidance to your inner Self, group session

By using a very simple medium (that of the Osho cards)  you can start to open yourself and blockages which prevent your flow and your  full life, will be mirrored to you. The session is not about  reading the cards, nor an abstract interpretation of your future, but a  very gentle, yet clear and straight inner process for you to work your present. By the time you will open the door, you will be guided  to understand the believes, ideas and emotions that block you.


19:00 - 20:00


The only way to find the truth about “you”, is to observe yourself, your thoughts, your emotions, your deeds. No one, (no matter  supposedly supreme qualities) can tell you who you are, what you want, what you love. To become the observer, the witness, the one that understands, is an art. And like any art you can master it only with daily practice. Accompanied  by the healing sounds of the Tibetan bowls, you will experience a one of kind guided mediation in order for you to start to discover your true self.


Sat 4/7

11: 00 - 13:00

Meeting and harmonising your Sub personalities

The ancient wisdom of the Native American Tribes Part I

What do you actually do in your daily life, when you hear the well know sentence “Listen to your heart” or “Hear you inner self”? Meeting yourself is easier said than done, unless you understand and meet the four sub personalities that constitute the whole self.

The Inner Nurturer, the Inner Child, the Inner Warrior / Warrioress, and the Inner Spirit and their states of health, are reflections of both your inner and outer lives. Your freedom to be emotionally spontaneous and honest, your ability to carry through on commitments and accept responsibility, and your spiritual connection are among the many things that create health or imbalance in these aspects of yourself. We are going to share with you this Native American tradition, that we told dates back at least 25.000 years, in order for you to understand, communicate and do this process of balancing and harmonising the four sacred parts of yourself.


19:00 - 20:30

Sounds Healing Therapy

Tibetan bowls, Tampura, Native American Drum & Flute, Sea Drum, tuning forks, Overtones and Vocal toning

"My belief is that we can all find the rhythms and harmonics of our celestial music, and that our efforts will enable us to live extraordinary lives filled with peace, passion, health, and a sense of unity with the universe. We are all familiar with the tremendous power of sound to energize our bodies and soothe our spirits, whether we experience it in the form of rousing music or in the hushed noise of waves on a beach at night.”

Dr. Mitchell Gaynor 

A pioneer in the revolutionary new field of sound medicine,, a leading oncologist and director of integrative medicine at the Strang-Cornell Cancer Prevention Center.


Sound Therapy focuses on restoring the correct resonant frequency to the part of the body that is vibrating out of harmony with the rest of the body. There are many different frequencies throughout our body that allows it to be in a constant state of vibration. Sound frequencies affect everything, including the ability to rearrange the molecules of our cellular structure.

By creating sound and vibration through the use of tuning forks,  Tibetan bowls and all the other instruments, one is able to change the inner tuning of the nervous system. The resonance creates a vortex of sound that leads us into a point of stillness. Stillness is a moment when we can retune ourselves and shift our frequencies to produce a healthier and calmer state of being.



Sun 5/7

11: 00 - 13:00

Meeting and harmonising your Subpersonalities Part II

The ancient wisdom of the Native American Tribes 

We will continue our journey from Saturday


19:00 - 20:30

Dolphin Brain Repatterning , the movement of the Dolphin

Body movement  principles and techniques of Moshe Feldenkrais & Amorah Quan Yin, with Tibetan Bowls and Healing Frequencies

“The Dolphin moves aspect of Dolphin Brain Repatterning is guided floor movement work. Dolphin Moves are intended to teach your body how to unlearn old restrictive patterns by moving in specific ways while monitoring yourself carefully in order to be aware of the subtleties of your movements. When you are aware of what you are doing and can feel the results in your body at the same time, you are freed to learn new ways of moving and being that are more commensurate with who you are now and who you are becoming. In other words, you give your body new choices.

Interestingly enough, when your brain learns a way of doing something that requires less energy than a previous way of doing it, it drops the old way and accepts the new, more energy-efficient option. It takes much more energy to hold a part of your body in contraction than it does to let it be free, joyful, and spontaneous, as in the Dolphin Wave Effect.

Therefore, once your brain experiences an alternative that allows for freedom, joy, spontaneity, and release of contraction, it adopts that modus operandi and tells your body how to operate in the new way.”

Amorah Quan Yin



Monday 6/7

11: 00 - 13:00

Grounding:  Bringing consciousness  and spiritual presence into the body

The principal of universal movement shows us that everything comes and  goes, everything fills and empties in order to maintain flow. We may know that from

Heraclitus’ “Everything flows” as well as Tao’s Yin and Yang. The flow of the Chi or Prana or Ki or Vital energy is the flow of life.

The goal is not to leave your body and transcend the physical; the goal-is to transcend your belief in and fear of the limitations of the physical plane. You accomplish this by spiritually descending into matter fully for the purpose of clearing lower-frequency energies such as repressed emotions, belief systems, judgments, control, and other contracted energies that are the source of limitation in the third dimension. This results in full-chakra, cellular enlightenment or ascension instead of escape.


19:00 - 20:00

Meditation session

If your mind is Calm, you:

Become peaceful and happy

Are less worried and frustrated

Don’t get stressed about work or exams

Can pay more attention to people you love

Find people will like you more



Tuesday 7/7

11: 00 - 13:00

The Aura field, choose what you do let into your auric field and what you do not

Why waste your meditation time, and life in general, processing and clearing what does not even belong to you? Using boundary tools is an example of grace in action.

An overextended aura can result in spaciness, escapism, and the tendency to feel and take on everyone else's emotions, thoughts, and even pain in the entire area your aura covers.

A contracted aura tends to make a person feel more uptight, fearful, and separate. This type of aura can also be caused by those types of feelings. An overextended aura can also be the result of these same feelings and situations that it tends to cause. In other words, the cause of unhealthy aura conditions also tends to regenerate more of the same conditions that caused them.


19:00 - 20:30

Sounds Healing Therapy

Tibetan bowls, Tampura, Native American Drum & Flute, Sea Drum, tuning forks, Overtones and Vocal toning



Wednesday  8/7

Dissolving emotions and believes

Emotions should not be judged or repressed. Emotions are a vital part of you as a human being and as such they need to be respected and accepted. You can look upon your emotions as your children who need your attention and respect and your guidance.

An emotion can best be viewed as an energy that comes to you for healing.

Embrace the emotion with understanding, with love. Such a type of consciousness is healing.

There are many meditative techniques that can help you to learn to dissolve this energy whenever it comes to meet you.


19:00 - 20:00

Meditation session 




A House / Villa with only 30 euros per night

This house / villa  will provide a cozy, warm, sweet and above all peaceful nest. As you can see from the photos, its unique architecture, location, private spots, view, and accommodation can be the place for you to stay and practice during our Healing week. We will practice many times at the beautiful wooden deck which is part of the house.

The house can host up to 10 people. It is a peaceful retreat up in the hills of Kea with an exquisite sea view and atmosphere. The house has been made with love to capture the essence of the 'breathing' Cycladic ambiance.

There are 5 rooms, each accommodating 2 people, either in double beds or in two singles.

The cost per night per room is 60 euros ( 30 euros per person) provided that 10 people will book this place. If you don't wish to share, you can book the room just for you.

In addition you can book a room for two, without necessarily both attending the retreat. So you can invite some one and let him/her enjoy the island while you will participate the retreat.

In order to take advantage of this offer your first feedback is required as for your willingness to participate. So in case you are interested, email us within 2 weeks and please spread the news in order to reach the necessary number of guests.

Please bear in mind as for the cost, that besides  the amazing view and the beautiful atmosphere of this house / villa, kitchen facilities are available, where in the majority of the rooms in Kea, this is not an option, and thus you will have to add your cost for eating outside. 


PHOTOS of the place here


Accomodation / Διαμονή

Προτάσεις για να μείνετε

There is a big assortement regarding your accomodation

Aegis Suites

Kea Family Homes

Lefkes rooms

Cavos Perlevos studios

Hotel Karthea

Anemousa studios

Red Tractor


Boats from Lavrio / Tzia

Δρομολόγια Πλοίων εδώ



During your stay or during Summer

you can   experiences as well :


Personal self awarenss sessions 

Unque Tibetan Bowls Sounds & Energetic massage

Reflexology treatment

Βody Consciousness Movement

Breathing & Mindful Meditation



Hot bath / Jacuzzi


In addition there are activities like:

Scuba diving

Water sking








kea Healing Retreat


Ίσως ήρθε η ώρα να ξεφύγετε από την καθημερινότητά σας και να βρείτε το χρόνο να κοιτάξετε και να μελετήσετε τον εαυτό σας από απόσταση.

Δίνοντας στον εαυτό σας αυτή την ευκαιρία, θα αντιληφθείτε τα πράγματα που συνήθως κλέβουν τη ζωτική σας δύναμη.


Το Kea Healing Retreat αποτελεί μια μοναδική εμπειρία σε ένα από τα ομορφότερα και με αρχαιότερο πολιτισμό νησιά της Ελλάδας.

Διαλογιζόμενοι σε μοναδικές παραλίες, περπατώντας στα αρχαία μονοπάτια του νησιού, συνδυάζοντας έτσι τη φυσική ομορφιά της ενδοχώρας με το αχανές γαλάζιο του Αιγαίου, και μαζί με την εξαίσια τοπική κουζίνα, το Retreat σίγουρα θα σας κάνει να νιώσετε τις συχνότητες ευδαιμονίας και βαθιάς χαλάρωσης σε όλα σας τα σώματα (φυσικό, συναισθηματικό, ψυχικό και πνευματικό).


Η Dana και ο Δημήτρης θα σας περιβάλλουν με εξαιρετική φροντίδα δημιουργώντας ένα χαλαρωτικό, ζεστό περιβάλλον αγάπης και χαράς κατά τη διάρκεια της παραμονής σας στο αρχαίο αυτό Νησί. Μερικές φορές θα ανάψουν τη νύχτα μια φωτιά στην παραλία, άλλα βράδια με κεριά θα παίξουν για σας θεραπευτικούς ήχους κάτω από μια αρχαία ελιά, είτε θα σας πάνε για περίπατο και συνομιλία σε μοναδικές τοποθεσίες του νησιού, είτε ακόμα, αν το επιθυμείτε, να κάνετε πεζοπορία στον αρχαίο Ναό της Καρθαίας.


Το περιβάλλον αυτό, σε συνδυασμό με διαλογισμό, θεραπείες, κι εγκάρδιες συζητήσεις, θα σας βοηθήσει να μειώσετε την πίεση και το στρες σας και να συναντήσετε το μέρος αυτό του εαυτού σας που θα σας επιτρέψει να ανοιχτείτε σε κάτι νέο στη ζωή σας: ένα νέο τρόπο ύπαρξης και συσχέτισης, αφήνοντας νέες αντιλήψεις να ξεδιπλωθούν, αναστέλλοντας την κρίση, την κριτική σκέψη και όλες τις προσδοκίες.


Θα ζήσετε μια βαθιά χαλάρωση, που θα σας οδηγήσει πίσω στη δική σας ενέργεια και στη δυνατότητα να νιώσετε εσωτερική γαλήνη και αυξημένη ζωτικότητα.





"The island, the house, the light, the smells, the sunsets, the starry nights and most of all you two, Dimitris & Dana, you are life savers.The seminar, the meditations with the hawks flying over us giving their place to sea gulls and the wind was amazing.The session in the olive yard under the stars with your music and candle lights was the most beautiful and magical experience of my life.I often mentally use those images and sounds for my personal meditations.Thank you for being you and for being in our lives, always there, never judging, always helping us to help ourselves"


השהות על האי והעבודה שלי בו, יחד אתכם ועם הקבוצה המדהימה" שזכיתי להכיר ולעבוד איתה הייתה מתנה נהדרת שנתתי לעצמי וקיבלתי מכם

אני עוצם את העיניים וחוזר לשם, למוסיקה, לקול המדהים של דימיטריס, למדיטציה בחוות הטרקטור האדום בלילה כשהירח מאיר עלינו, לאנרגיות שקיבלתי מהאי ועל כך אני רוצה להודות לכם, לשניכם

תודה תודה – אני מאמין שאנחנו נפגש שוב בקרוב "

“...staying on the island and doing my inner work , along with you and the amazing people I got to know, and to work with , was a great gift that I gave to myself and I got from you.I close my eyes and I go back there to the music, the amazing voice of Dimitris, the meditation in red tractor farm at night when the moon shined, the energy I received from the island, and for that I thank you, both of you”



רק רציתי לאמר תודה"

שבלבלת אותי

ואשמח לפגוש אותך שוב בחיים.... כי העיניים שלך עושות לי שקט



ד"ש חמה לדמיטריוס

“I just want to say thank you for confusing me, I will be happy to meet you again in life... because your eyes makes me feel peaceful”




"Thank you Dana and Dimitri.

I will do my best to come again towards the end of August.

Thank you so much for everything. 

I feel I am on a path now. I do not know were it will lead me. I can see myself walking on it and it feels good even though it really is very painful at times.

My warm embrace for both of you"



Kea is the location of a bronze-aged settlement at the site now called Ayia Irini, which reached its height in the Late Minoan and Early Mycenaean eras (1600-1400 BCE).
Coin from ancient Kea; with a dog and a star.

During the classical period, Kea (Ceos) was the home of Simonides and of his nephew Bacchylides, both ancient Greek lyric poets, of the Sophist Prodicus, and of the physician Erasistratus. The inhabitants were known for offering sacrifices to the Dog Star, Sirius and to Zeus to bring cooling breezes while awaiting for the reappearance of Sirius in summer; if the star rose clear, it would portend good fortune;

Tzia is a hiker's paradise with numbered routes that traverse the entire island and a variety of landscapes. On any hike you can experience several different micro-climates. The island is greener than most of the other Cycladic chain of islands that it belongs to, with thousands of oak and almond trees. There are many remote beaches with crystal blue seas that can only be reached on foot or by boat.

To locals it's Tzia but you'll find us as Kea on the map. Tzia is only an hour ferryboat journey from the port of Lavrio, near Athens, yet the island has remained relatively untouched by international tourism.


Source: Red Tractor 

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