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What you need for the safari

1 Duffle Bag, backpack or if possible travel bag with wheels that will be easy to carry.
-1 small backpack for the day
- Sleeping bag
- Light and solid walking shoes that have already been worn !!
-1 pair of sandals
-1 jacket type Gortex-
- 2 sweaters: 1 light + 1 warmer (fleece) –
- Shirts, T-shirts, comfortable pants, training following the tastes.
- Long short
- 1 swimsuit and a towel
- Hat
- Sunglasses.
- Flashlight (frontal type), spare bulbs and batteries.
- Toilet necessary (with wipes to replace toilet water).
- Toilet paper and lighter to burn it after use.

-Small personal pharmacy with personal medications, aspirin or doliprane
--anti-diarrheal, eye drops, sunscreen (lips and skin), moisturizer, a roll of adhesive tape, adhesive elastic band wide style - sunscreen (lips and skin , anti-mosquitoes

We provide
- Tents
- Matrasses
- Kitchen equipment



Day 5 – Wednesday, 27th March 2013: Camel Safari
After the visit of the Monastery of Sainte Catherine where you will marvel at the collection

of the unique icon and , the precious books and admire the well-preserved historical church

you leave this enchanting mountains to drive the 70 km to the meeting point where your

Bedouin Hosts and their camels will be waiting.
This little journey will take you through a world lost in time and in these beautiful lands of wind,

rocks and sand you shall understand and appreciate the true meaning of "FREEDOM"!
Soliman, your guardian angel, a Bedouin from the Muzeina tribe, will let you enjoy the slow

motion of the caravan ,riding your own camel, eating with the Bedouins You will end this

unforgettable day with a restful, relaxing sleep under the beautiful night with the stars.
(Tents are provided for the less adventurous!)
Meditation: At the Camping place in the evening before Dinner (3 hours)


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