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The Healing Power of Your Breath, double CD

A unique guided breathing meditation from the ancient wisdom of Tao, combined with Tibetan bowls,  flute drum and overtones



Our bodies have the ability to heal themselves, and you can become the healer of your own body


"Breathing well is vitally important to your health. No other health practice is capable of producing such dramatic and life-changing results, for the amount of effort put in, as the conscious practice of learning to breathe with your entire body in a relaxed, circular manner, without holding your breath. Breathing with the whole body has been used for millennia to enhance the ability to dissolve and release energy blockages in the mind/body, enhancing well-being and spiritual awareness.”

Bruce Frantzis


The equal intervals of breathing will lead you progressively to be able to inhale from your nostrils all the way down to your belly and continue your inhalation back to your kidneys all the way up to the area between your shoulder blades.


You don't have to be in the meditation / yoga alike mentality to heal yourself and even if you are this specific program will help you to reach the ultimate potential of all of your body (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual)



What you will learn from this Program

  1. to inhale from your nostrils all the way down to your belly and continue your inhalation back to your kidneys and all the way up to the area between your shoulder blades

  2. to Massage all the internal organs of the body

  3. to Revitalise and rejuvenate the body and spirit

  4. to Get help with breathing problems

  5. to Detoxifying and release stress and toxins

  6. to Stabilise the emotional and mental state

  7. to Meditate and be mindful

  8. to Experience what cantering is all about

  9. to Relax and sooth your nervous system

  10. to Empower your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies

  11. to create and circulate  the vital energy, Chi, Prana



Who should take this course? Who should not?

All people, students, yoga teachers, everyday people not necessarily doing sports, or yoga. Anyone can practice this ancient technique for as long as he/she wishes during the day



What will students need to know or do before starting this course?

Find a comfortable place either seated or laying down and if possible wear comfortable cloths.

The place can be anywhere as long as you feel nice and you can hear the audio guidance



"Clinical studies prove that oxygen, wellness and life-span are dependent on proper breathing. Breathing is the most important process in our bodies and we often do not pay any attention to it. Breathing eliminates over 70% of toxins from the body, while the remaining 30% gets eliminated through feces, sweat and urine. The biggest problem of today is that people, due to their busy and stressful lifestyle, acquire the habit of incomplete breathing and use only 30-40% of their lung capacity."



Listen the first CD for FREE

The Double CD Tracks

01 Introduction,11:35

02 How Is Your Breath, 10:20

03 Now I Am Inhaling Now I Am Exhaling, 08:19

04 Equal Breathing,10:14

05 Count Your Breaths, 05:04

06 A Kind Suggestion, 09:53

07 Breathing From The Belly, 11:56

08 Three Seconds Inhalation, Three Seconds Exhalation,10:56

09 Four seconds inhalation, four seconds exhalation, feeling the belly, 10:28

10 Five Seconds Inhalation, Five Seconds Exhalation, Feeling The Organs,11:09

11 Six Seconds Inhalation, Six Seconds Exhalation, Sides And Back Breathing,10:15

12 Seven Seconds Inhalation, Seven Seconds Exhalation, Full Inhalation Stage One,16:53

13 Εight Seconds Inhalation, Eight Seconds Exhalation, Full Inhalation Stage Two,16:06









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