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Το θεραπευτικό άγγιμα| Calmness Touch Treatment

Η θεραπεία Calmness touch σχεδιάστηκε από τη Healer Dana Meidan και συνδυάζει μια σειρά από τεχνικές ελαφρύας διέγερσης των ενεργειακών σημείων του κεφαλιού, του σώματος,ωμοπλάτες και λαιμό, της φυσικής θεραπείας προσώπου των Ιθαγενών της Αμερικής, της τεχνικής πίεσης στα χέρια, ρεφλεξολογία και του Reiki. Συνοδεύεται από θιβετιανή και χαλαρωτική μουσική. Η θεραπεία Calmness Touch επιτρέπει στο σώμα να χαλαρώσει στη βασική ανάγκη του σώματος να κατακλύζεται από αγάπη, ηρεμία και γαλήνη. Επιπλέον, μπορεί να απελευθερώσει μπλοκαρισμένες ενέργειες δημιουργώντας ένα χώρο ανοίγματος και αποδοχής.


The Calmness Touch treatment was designed by the healer Dana Meidan and combines a series of techniques of light stimulation of head’s energetic points, body work on shoulder blades and neck, Native American facial treatment, pressure points technique on hands, reflexology treatment, and Reiki, accompanied by Tibetan and relaxing music.The Calmness Touch treatment enables the body to relax into the basic need of the body to be engulfed in love, calmness and peacefulness. In addition it can release blocked energies creating a space of openness and acceptance.

​"I had a personal healing session a few weeks ago. I used to prefer a 'strong' massage but, as it turns out, Dimitris' tender energy and touch were exactly what I needed. I'm usually good with words, but am at a loss to describe how wonderful I felt, both during and after. I was feeling like I had various blockages in my body (things weren't flowing right) which were unblocked in such a gently way."


“It was soothing, gentle and incredibly relaxing. Apart from a great understanding of the technique, I believe Dimitri has a very soft warm tough and positive energy that he manages to transfer throughout the session. I felt wonderful for many hours later!”

“απολυτη χαλάρωση, και ψυχική ηρεμία”

"The ultimate relaxation and peacefulness"

"Thank you for coming on such sort notice.

Your gentle and loving hands, have left me feeling wonderful all day. I feel such gratitude that you and Dana have come into my life.

Be well"


Touch is magic.
Touch enables the body to relax into the basic need of the body to be engulfed in love, calmness and peacefulness.
Touch can release blocked energies, past experiences, and entrenched patterns of beliefs and behaviours.
Touch offers the creation of a space of openness and acceptance.
Touch is a direct tool of inter personal communication. It is a magical and powerful tool.
Touching is an existential and natural need, a basic means of expressing love and care.
Motherly touch is indispensable. The first touch we receive in life is fundamental, pleasurable and soothing.
We need it to feel loved, accepted and soothed.
Touch is a guide: an unpleasant touch – makes us shrink. A loving, warm touch opens the heart and enables feelings of joy and love.
Giving and receiving touch are both natural and simple.

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