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o Mother's Touch workshop
o Limbs technique workshop
o Energetic points, Chackras seminar
o Τebetian Meditation 101 workshop
o Τibetian meditations advanced workshop
o EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique workshop
o The Emotional Body understanding workshop
o Intuitive painting workshop
o Tibetan bowls workshop
o Tibetan bowls  and overtones relaxing performance
o Breathing awareness techniques workshop
o Healing Dance seminar​

Softening and healing organizes self-development, meditation and healing workshops, seminars, and events.
The workshops covers areas such us:



energetic points

Energetic and Reflexology Points
Touch is magic.
Touch enables the body to relax into the basic need of the body to be engulfed in love, calmness and peacefulness.
Touch can release blocked energies, past experiences, and entrenched patterns of beliefs and behaviors.
Touch offers the creation of a space of openness and acceptance.
Touch is a direct tool of inter personal communication. It is a magical and powerful tool.
Touch is a guide: an unpleasant touch – makes us shrink. A loving, warm touch opens the heart and enables feelings of joy and love.
​The most well known are the seven major centres, called chakras, which present us with a wealth of knowledge about healing processes, understanding mental and behavioural patterns which limit our growth, blocking us from listening to our inner self.

the emotional body 

The Emotional Body understanding workshop

Health is more than just what you put into your body via food and what you do with your body physically. It is what you allow to come in and go out of your emotional body as well. In many cases, it is the Emotional Body that is even more important.

In this workshop you will learn the connection between the body, the organs, the pain, the emotions and the soul

tibetan bowls

Tibetan bowls workshop
Singing bowls are unique and ancient bells, made of an alloy of seven metals.The sound of the bowls rich overtones and rich textures of harmonics.Sound reverberation time and creates a very long psychoactive effect - acoustically and physically on the listener. The rising power of vibrational influence at all levels physically emotionally mentally and spiritually.In this workshop we will learn to Experience the healing bowls and artistic side, foundations of treatment, the virtue of meditation bowls, healing properties in music.No experience required, or any musical background.The workshop is also for those who want to use art or anyone who wants to deepen their ability to listen and understand the nature of sound.Playing bowls can be integrated into any existing therapy, yoga, Feldenkrais, Pilates, working with children, working with special education, trauma victims, senior citizens, etc.,

mother's touch

Reflexology for you children, workshop

Helping your child with to deal with physical pains and disorders
Touching is an existential and natural need, a basic means of expressing love and care.
Motherly touch is indispensable. The first touch we receive in life is fundamental, pleasurable and soothing. Giving and receiving touch are both natural and simple.

Gentle pressure is used for infants and children, helping with allergies, digestion (colic, upset stomach), insomnia (sleeplessness), constipation, bed wetting, teething and more. Infants have undeveloped arches therefore a fingertip touch is suitable for giving reflexology.

The outcome of this good start in life will be a healthier and happier child with a more trusting attitude and outlook on the future.
Touch has been proven to have a powerful impact on a growing child’s health. We need it to feel loved, accepted and soothed.

the wisdom of breathing

Learning to be mindful

Breathing – or inhalation – is the source of life, always with us.
It is a precious gift given to us for free.
Learning to be mindful of it, turning our full attention to it – enables us to fill ourselves with energy.
Our body has its own wisdom; paying attention to our breathing connects us to this profound intelligence.
Breathing is like a hidden diamond. It has to be excavated and then polished, so it can become useful to us in our everyday life.

breathing  techniques

Breathing awareness techniques workshop

Balanced breathing, filling us with oxygen, provides our body with healthy energy, delivering clarity and cleanliness both mentally and emotionally.
One of the most amazing, often forgotten, roles of breathing is giving our body an inner massage.
The movement of the diaphragm, the largest muscle in the centre of the body, provides a continuous massage to the organs in our abdomen and chest. It is a cleansing movement, which provides oxygen-rich blood – keeping us healthy.
Every breath we take is an opportunity for us to self-heal.
Breathing is the bridge between body and soul.


Finding the calmness within us

Meditation is a powerful tool to finding the calmness within us.
It affords us time to stop life’s rush for a moment, look inside, dig deep, understand, and make peace within ourselves.
In the process of meditation we clean the roots of thoughts, beliefs and memories etched in our bodies, all of which fixate us in a world ruled by fears, withholding us from achieving what we truly want.
Awareness enables us to take full responsibility for the energy within us, and discover how to transform emotions: How to turn fear - into love; anger – into compassion; and pain – into a blessing.
The goal of meditation is to acquire the ability to unveil the treasures buried within us, without judging, while focusing on the present, and accepting ourselves fully and unconditionally.
While meditating, we are close to our core self, releasing layer upon layer of accumulated tensions, releasing energies which were stuck in our body, opening blockages and allowing free flowing energy.
The result is accessing the hidden well of love within us.
Through mediation we will learn to discover the enormous potential hidden within us for self-healing: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
Peace starts from within.

voice & sound treatment

A method, which combines overtones, Tibetan bowls and gongs. Is a connection of tools that you play them and extracts the multiple sounds simultaneously. There is something magical and even healing. This is not just shamans chose to use it, work with Tibetan bowls, placed them on the body is also a type of massage that penetrates deep into the soul and a lot of times people let go of pain and blockages and begin to see colors, shapes and receive information. Work with the bowls creates the connection between sound and spirituality in the most high.

body movement

Healing dance workshop

When allowing the body to be free, relaxed, the head is quiet and the breathing is deep, we can start to dance. At first, maybe you could close your eyes, listen to a music we love, and then found again the way to listen to ourselves, to discover us, meet the other and just dance.

The body's ability to express is connected directly to physical and mental blockage. Once a removal of the blockage happens, this is the minute when change is happening. This change is expressed by the way we move, the way we dance, alone or with a partner. And this dance is the dance that brings out joy a dramatic liberation and transformation
space music, partner.

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