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Body and Mind Relaxation Retreat 23, 24 and 25 of September


When we feel to relax, it could be saying that we need to relax about something which worrying us. When we ' re back in our “own energy”we usually feel good and much more vital. Relaxing is the key to developing our intuition and higher awareness. Intuitive impressions occur in a mind that is open and relaxed. That is why many of us get our best insights and intuitions when we're doing something mindless like washing dishes, pulling weeds, driving on an open roadway, showering, bathing, or lying on a beach.


The Body and Mind Relaxation Retreat, is a unique combination of hot bubble bath, Sound and Healing Treatment, Tibetan Bowls Meditation, Tibetan Sweat Clearing, healthy food in the most luxurious resort of Tzia Island, Aegis Suites. The healers D. Meidan and D. Kokkinias will personally take care of you by “clearing” your body and mind, so that you can clear out tensions, anxiety patterns, or other people's intrusive energy.


You will experience all these three days a deep relaxation leading to true inner peace.


The Aigis Suites

Located 2.5 km from Korisia port, as a natural extension of the hill that overlooks the Vourkari and the Aegean Sea, excellently located on a hilltop well hidden from prying eyes and a breath from Athens, Aigis Suites is waiting to welcome you.

Private terraces, unique architecture, breathtaking views but, above all, the smile and the desire of our people are what will take you to another dimension.

Experience the balance between tranquility and vitality in your veranda, pool or SPA.

If you decide to escape from the Aigis world, the exploration of the environmentally rich surroundings and cultural heritage of Kea awaits you …


The Retreat

Ancient people incorporate clearing methods into their everyday life. These people knew that energy follows thought. That which we focus on becomes form. Stagnated energy can lead to a slowing down of the body's immune systems, which leads to sickness and depressive states.

Think of a stagnant pond or stream. When the energy (or water) is not in motion, it gets stagnant and congested. The system is so overloaded, with stress or other people's toxic energy, that it breaks down physically, emotionally and spiritually.


Day 1

Sound and Healing personal Treatment

Dana and Dimitris will take care of you, by combining touch , Tibetan bowls and vocal treatment:

The touch treatment combines a series of techniques of light stimulation of head’s energetic points, body work on shoulder blades and neck, Native American facial treatment, pressure points technique on hands, and reflexology treatment. The sound of the Tibetan bowls is rich of overtones and textures of harmonics which results to a balance inside the body, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Tibetan singing bowls are used for deep relaxation, stress reduction and holistic healing. Singing bowls are unique handmade ancient bells.

The existence of the bowls dates back to the time of the historical Buddha Shakyamuni (560 - 480 B.C).



Day 2

Tibetan Sweat Clearing, personal Treatment

Native American people rely on the sweat lodge to clear themselves through singing and praying in a lodge heated by hot rocks. They knew, that, without them, people would become irritable, quarrelsome, or sick.

Tibetan Sweat Clearing clears the energy and restore a healthy, moving meridian flow, by using hammam's steam, scrubbing, vocals and the magical sounds of the Tibetan bowls.

By clearing the energy we can return to a state of happiness, well-being, and good health.



Day 3

Hot bubble bath, personal Treatment

A hot bubble bath, thermal waters, and hot tubs accompanied by a relaxing, therapeutic massage is the all time pamper and relax treatment. Some healers feel that the baths and thermal waters automatically liberate us from any unwanted energy “cords” from other people. You will experience the unique hot bubble bath in Aegi's jacuzzi as an other method of abiding in a calm state of mind.


Every day Sunset Meditation, group

When relaxing is difficult, it is important to stay with a program of relaxation practice over a period of time. It takes while to change habits that are ingrained in our bodies an brains. We can think ourselves as moving from being a tense person to a relaxed person. Let go of all worries and thoughts, if you're not relaxed or feeling at home in your body. You may even view the world as a dangerous place. Come into deep relaxation and make your body feel safe. Breath deeply and know that all anxiety passes. Give your body and mind permission to relax and then let all your muscles relax.... you jaw, your scalp, your eyeballs, your neck... your shoulders...



Emotionally we are connected with food, when eating right, we feel good.

Food is energy, that contains the foundation of our universe, in other words food (like everything else according to quantum physics) vibrates, thus according to what we eat we are tuned to. During all your staying Dana will introduce you a simple and very nutrition menu in order to experience how food can serve your body and mind in order to experience well-being. When we fuel our body with nutritional energy we balance both our body and soul.


Relaxing all Day long

In between your treatments and food you can enjoy the magnificent and cozy spots of Aegis Suites, infusing more relaxation inside you.

“The owners created a small paradise on earth offering to their guests true quality, tranquility, amazing views and a blend of unforgettable experience. Lisa and all the staff go out of their way to pamper you, make you feel at home and offer you the very best! A truly unique experience not to be missed.”

Trip Advisor



Who is Who

Dana Meidan

Dana works in her private clinic for the last 20 years, as a healer. Among her patients are some of the most famous singers and artists in Israel.

Parallel to her clinic Dana is giving healing course workshops. She teaches Reflexology, Energetic Points, Guided imagination, Meditation, Healing, Taro cards ,Mind body relations. In addition she gives prenatal courses to expectant mothers and couples. In the past Dana had worked at Elem for youth in distress, and at the Spivak Center with CP brain damaged people


Dimitris Kokkinias

Dimitris had attended classes of healing dance, meditation, chakra reading, systemic representation, Tai Chi, Tibetan bowls treatment, energetic point seminar, reflexology, Reiki and meditation for children.

Dimitris is a Healer specialized in Calmness personal Healing Treatment, Tibetan bowls personal Healing Treatment, Meditation seminars, Inner process counseling, Reiki, Voice Healing and Mindfulness for children.

Together with Dana he created Softening and Healing.



Please see the suites here



Let go of tension and stress. This may be a time when relaxation is called for comfort and ease A long intense work period may call for refreshing break. Do your self a present and come to experience the ultimate Body and Mind Relaxation Retreat in the most beautiful place on earth




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