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Αγκαλιάζοντας τα συναισθήματα | Dealing with Emotions  (for english scroll down) 

Σε αυτό το εργαστήρι θα μάθετε τα 5 βήματα μαζί με διαλογισμούς, προκειμένου να μπορέσετε να βιώσετε και να μάθετε πώς να αντιμετωπίζετε και να δέχεστε με τα συναισθήματά σας όταν αυτά έρχονται να σας συναντήσουν.


"Τα συναισθήματα δεν πρέπει να κρίνονται  ούτε να  καταστέλλονται.  Τα συναισθήματα είναι ζωτικό μέρος μας ως ανθρώπινα  όντα  και ως τέτοια πρέπει να είναι σεβαστά και αποδεκτά.

Μπορείτε να δείτε τα συναισθήματά σας  ως  τα παιδιά σας που χρειάζονται την προσοχή ,τον σεβασμό και την καθοδήγησή σας. Επιτρέποντας τα συναισθήματα σας, δίνοντας τους ένα όνομα, κατανοώντας τα, σημαίνει πως πραγματικά σέβεστε και αγαπάτε τον ευατό σας.

Κάνοντας τη μετάβαση από το "εξωτερικό" στο "εσωτερικό"και αναλαμβάνοντας την ευθύνη του συναισθήματος σας, σας βοηθά να δημιουργήσετε ένα εσωτερικό παιδί που δεν θέλει να βλάψει κάποιον άλλο, που δεν αισθάνεται θύμα.
Ένα συναίσθημα μπορεί καλύτερα να θεωρηθεί ως μια ενέργεια που έρχεται σε σας για  να σας θεραπεύσει.
Αγκαλιάστε  το με  συγκίνηση, με κατανόηση, με αγάπη.  Μια  τέτοιου  τύπου  συνείδητότητα  είναι θεραπεία."


In this workshop you will learn a 5 step methodology along with meditations, in order for you to experience and to learn how to deal with your emotions.

Anyone who walks the path of inner growth knows the importance of emotions: that you should not repress them, that you have to come to terms with them in some way, that you must ultimately release them. But how it all really works is not always so clear.


Emotions almost always have a clear immediate cause: a trigger in the outside world that pushes your buttons

They always have something very intense and dramatic to them. Consider anxiety attacks, fear, rage or deep sadness.

Emotions take hold of you completely and pull you away from your spiritual center. In the moment you are highly emotional, you are full of a kind of energy that pulls you away from your center, your inner clarity. In that sense, emotions are like clouds hovering before the sun.

By being quiet and peaceful, you can feel with all of your being what is right for you at a certain moment. Making decisions based on emotions is making decisions from a non-centered position. You need to release the emotions first and get in touch with your inner core where there is clarity.

Emotions are energies that have a clear manifestation in the physical body. Emotions are reactions to things that you do not really understand. Consider what happens when you are overcome by a fit of rage. For instance someone hurts your feelings unexpectedly and you feel yourself becoming angry. You can feel this very clearly in your body; in certain places you feel the energy go tense. This physical tension or tightening that follows the energetic shock shows there is something you do not understand. There is an energy coming toward you that you feel is unjustified. The feeling of being treated unjustly, in short the not-understanding, is vented through the emotion. The emotion is the expression of the not-understanding, it is an energetic explosion and a release

Allowing your emotions in, naming them and making an effort to understand them, means that you truly respect and cherish your inner child.

Making the shift from “outer” to “inner,” taking responsibility for the emotion, helps to create an inner child that does not want to hurt anyone else, that does not feel victimized. Strong emotions – whether anger, grief or fear – always have the component of powerlessness, i.e. the sense that you are the victim of something outside of you.

What you do when you focus not on the circumstances outside of you but instead on your reaction and your pain is that you “dismiss” the outside world as the cause of your emotions. You do not care that much about what gave rise to the emotion. You completely turn inward and you say to yourself: okay, this has been my reaction and I understand why. I understand why I feel the way that I do and I am going to support myself in this.


Emotions should not be judged or repressed. Emotions are a vital part of you as a human being and as such they need to be respected and accepted. You can look upon your emotions as your children who need your attention and respect and your guidance.
An emotion can best be viewed as an energy that comes to you for healing.
Embrace the emotion with understanding, with love. Such a type of consciousness is healing.”

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