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3 Ways to Create a Significant Change on Your Thinking, Moods and State of Consciousness


The Dolphin Repatterning Moves | The Balancing Hemispheres Breathing  | The Three Diamonds Activation Meditation

במרחק שעתיים וחצי מאתונה, בין הרים ויערות ישנה נקודה קסומה של שקט מוחלט, כפר באחד המקומות הכי אנרגטיים ביוון. בין מקדש האל אפולו למקדש האל זאוס למקדש האל פאנאס. מחכים לכם שם, לחוויה של 3 ימים..... 


3,4,5 June at the amazing Abeliona Retreat

When in crisis, one of the two things is more likely to happen to us: we are either a “drama queen” or a  “cold murder”, in other words we are split between the two.

We are struggling between the emotions and a sense of helplessness or with rigid logic and a despaired need of rightfulness.

One thing is certain, our life is unbalanced.

"In her book The Inward Arc, Frances Vaughan comments: “Wholeness is based on a balance and integration of opposites, not on getting rid of what we don’t like. When we feel an inconsistency or conflict between inner experience and outer expression, between persona and shadow, fear and love, life and death, body and mind, or any other pairs of opposites, we experience pain and tension. According to the ancient Hindu scriptures, the Upanishads, wherever there is other - there is fear, for fear is born of duality. We can be released from fear only when we recognize the unity of opposites and learn to balance the polarities of emotional experience in a context of healing awareness.”


Perhaps it is time to learn to step out from the situation and learn the “holistic” understanding.


In time if you continue to practice you will not even have to step out, but rather, like a martial artist, you will immediately respond  spontaneously and  accurately   from wisdom, since mind and heart will be literally be one.


This is the main benefit when we operate as whole, the male and the female energy become one. This is exactly how dolphins live. We see them naturally and in continuous flow (without rigidness or fear) playing and at the same time to defending their babies from a shark with the shame fluidity. 

The main difference between humans and dolphins is that dolphins operate from both sides of their brains at the same time, all the time.


In science this is called the “brain synchronization”, and you can achieve it only if you practice. Just as higher levels of exercise force your body to strength and develop, the higher levels of deep neurostimulation and brain entrainment provided through meditation and other activities (music, dancing etc) forces your nervous system into optimal performance.


What is the result of?

Neurocommunication of thoughts and responses multiply resulting in a better performing , more integrated system, optimising both mental and emotional health.

Your entire nervous system and brain are transformed and reorganised on a higher level. A foundation of new neural pathways is constructed, a transformation in your body, mind and soul.

However this workshop is not just a left and right hemispheres harmonization, but, rather a more deep understanding and practice of this unity of yin - yang, male - female, oneness or any other name you want to call it. 

An important issue for the whole process is the understanding of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. The core of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj's teaching is the knowledge of one's own true identity. This knowledge is indeed the pivotal point around which moves everything. 

We are going to share with you the simple a basic understanding.

With this main understanding all techniques will help you to use the so called Awareness watching Awareness Method


In this workshop

We will practice 3 ways, combined with healing sounds (from the Tibetan Bowls the Kailani the Native American flute & drum), movement, inside the beautiful forest of the amazing Abeliona Retreat. Walking in nature, relaxing inside the Yurt, meditating, along with the amazing sensation of peace, you will reach this balance and unity within yourself.

In addition the techniques will assist you to connect more easily to the experience of the understanding of Maharaj teachings.

Most of the times people go the other way around, the follow strictly a technique without really understand what they do and why they do it, in such an extent that they "spiritualize" the technique as the only way to reach Oneness.

In all of our workshops we stress the importance to dedicate time and space to find out who and what you are, the meditations or techniques are just the means not the end. So find your own way that you are more connected with, and just be earnest.

You we learn

  • Basic understanding of Maharaj teachings

  • Grounding meditation

  • The diamonds meditation

  • The balancing hemisphere breathing and meditation

  • And you will experience the soothing movement on the floor from the dolphin movement repartenning 

Overall Benefits of the balancing

  • Reduces anxiety attacks by lowering the levels of blood lactate

  • Decreases muscle tension

  • Improved flow of air to the lungs resulting in easier breathing

  • Enhances the immune system

  • Builds self-confidence

  • Increased brain wave coherence

  • Improved relations at home & at work

  • Able to see the larger picture in a given situation

  • Develop will power

  • React more quickly and more effectively to a stressful event

  • Provides peace of mind, happiness

  • Brings body, mind, spirit in harmony

  • Deeper understanding of yourself and others

  • Experience a sense of “Oneness”

  • Changes attitude toward life

  • Helps keep things in perspective

Additional sessions and healing

1/Private Sound healing therapy with Tibetan bowls,

All of life is vibration. Sound vibration directly affect physical matter (cymatics)

Sounds that are healing create symmetrical patterns in the body's subtle energy fields. Surrender  to the healing vibrations of the Tibetan bowls, Vocal sounds, Music, rain stick, forks, Native American drum, forks and touching. A unique experience of inner peace and serenity 

2/Personal session with Dana​ Meidan

Dana works in her private clinic for the last 20 years, as a healer. Among her patients are some of the most famous singers and artists in Israel.
Parallel to her clinic Dana is giving healing course workshops. She teaches Reflexology, Energetic Points, Guided imagination, Meditation, Healing, Taro cards ,Mind body relations. In addition she gives prenatal courses to expectant mothers and couples. In the past Dana had worked at Elem for youth in distress, and at the Spivak Center with CP brain damaged people.

for more here



The Ways


Dolphin Brain Repatterning 

Dolphins, as we said, operate from both sides of their brains at the same time, whereas most humans at this time act from one or the other side of their brains, but rarely from both sides together. It has been said that dolphins see humans as being asleep. This is because dolphins sleep by turning off first one side of their brains, then the other, keeping one side functional at all times. 

The objective of Dolphin Brain Repatterning is to free the skeletal system of holding patterns that inhibit you from being spontaneous and free, and that block the flow of cerebrospinal fluid. Cerebrospinal fluid is produced in the brain. The cranial bones are constantly expanding and

contracting gently and subtly, as are the sacral bones.

Cerebrospinal fluid is produced in the brain. The cranial bones are constantly expanding and

contracting gently and subtly, as are the sacral bones. This process of expansion and contraction pumps the cerebrospinal fluid throughout the central nervous system, keeping it lubricated, supple, and able to conduct electrical currents. Electrical stimuli in the brain cause perceptions of physical sensation and impulses to move. Every movement, whether it be kicking a football or slightly raising an eyebrow, begins with an electrical impulse in the brain that is sent via the cerebral spinal fluid in the central nervous system to the appropriate nerves, which then trigger the body to produce movement.


The Dolphin Moves aspect of Dolphin Brain Repatterning is guided floor movement work, which resembles Feldenkrais. The whole experience is enriched with the live sounds of the Tibetan bowls, the amazing Kailani, chimes, singing, combined with images and sounds from dolphins.

Dolphin Moves are intended to teach your body how to unlearn old restrictive patterns by moving in specific ways while monitoring yourself carefully in order to be aware of the subtleties of your movements. When you are aware of what you are doing and can feel the results in your body at the same time, you are freed to learn new ways of moving and being that are more commensurate with who you are now and who you are becoming. In other words, you give your body new choices. Interestingly enough, when your brain learns a way of doing something that requires less energy than a previous way of doing it, it drops the old way and accepts the new, more energy-efficient option. It takes much more energy to hold a part of your body in contraction than it does to let it be free, joyful, and spontaneous, as in the Dolphin Wave Effect.

Therefore, once your brain experiences an alternative that allows for freedom, joy, spontaneity, and release of contraction, it adopts that modus operandi and tells your body how to operate in the new way.




The Balancing Hemispheres Breathing  

There are several ways breathing brings us into balance. Rhythmic, even breathing can bring about autonomic nervous system balance because inspiration arouses sympathetic nervous system activity, while expiration elicits parasympathetic activity. Breathing in through one nostril and out through the other adds another level of balance (an ancient technique the yogis).

When we achieve a balance between the two hemispheres of the brain, it is known in the East as the balance of yin and yang. 


How does your body accomplish such a balance?

In your natural automatic breathing pattern, the air flow through one nostril predominates for about ninety minutes; then a switch occurs and air flow is greater through the other nostril for about ninety minutes.


The switch in nostril dominance every ninety minutes is mediated by the hypothalamus, which essentially controls the autonomic nervous system. Blood vessels that supply the mucous membrane of the nasal passages are under the control of sympathetic and parasympathetic portions of the autonomic nervous system. Through alternate sympathetic constriction and parasympathetic dilation of these small blood vessels, the nasal passages either allow more air flow or become congested.

Nasal dominance can have a significant effect on our thinking, as well as on our moods and our state of consciousness.


When we breathe in through the left nostril, the right brain hemisphere is stimulated. Conversely, when we breathe in through the right nostril, the left brain hemisphere is stimulated. D. A. Werntz, a researcher conducting a study at the University of California at San Diego School of Medicine, demonstrated that breathing through one nostril generated EEG activity in the opposite brain hemisphere.’

Ιn the ancient science of Kundalini Yoga we are taught that there are two energies called Ida and Pingala that intertwine up the sides of the spine and that unite to form the Sushmana, the central channel.

The Ida energy, on the left, is the moon energy:  reflective, calming, cooling, female.  The right is Pingala and has the energy of the sun:  bright, fiery, awakening and male.

We compare these systems in our Western terminology as the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.   The sympathetic system, Pingala, is the fight or flight system and charges you up in times of danger.  The parasympathetic system, Ida,  slows you down and helps your body automatically run its day to day jobs of digestion, elimination, sleep cycles and more.

When you need to calm down, when your mind is racing faster than a hurricane, or when you can’t go to sleep, try left nostril (Ida) breathing.

When you need to wake up, when you need clarity and focus and more energy, try right nostril (Pingala) breathing. 


What's exciting about the balancing breath is that it enables you to make one brain hemisphere more dominant, or to bring both hemispheres and your autonomic nervous system into balance as you choose. Through your breathing, you can consciously influence your body, your feelings and thoughts, and your state of consciousness. The balancing breath links you with your spirit, and it helps to bring healing into the realm of conscious choice.



The Three Diamonds Activation Meditation

By breathing through both nostrils simultaneously after the balancing breath, you can further enhance balance between the two hemispheres of the brain and the functions associated with them. Breathing through both nostrils at the same time may also help generate a natural crossover of dominance. When a ninety-minute cycle ends, it takes about ten minutes for nostril dominance to change naturally from one side to the other. 

This crossover period correlates with peak task performance of the skills associated with both hemispheres and with balanced nostril dominance. 

By breathing through both nostrils simultaneously, you can generate this crossover at will.

In addition when there is very strong effect this breathing is directed to specific energetic centres of your body.

In Okuden Level II these techniques focus on blending the earth hara (below the navel) together with the mind hara (at the head). This blending occurs within the heart hara (at the heart)

The Hara

Hara literally denotes the stomach and abdomen and the functions of digestion, absorption, and elimination connected with them

Settling the body’s center of gravity below the navel, that is, establishing a center of consciousness in the hara, automatically relaxes tensions arising from the habitual hunching of the shoulders, straining of the neck, and squeezing in of the stomach. As this rigidity disappears, an enhanced vitality and new sense of freedom are experienced throughout the body and mind, which are felt more and more to be a unity.



"... This illusion frequently causes us to feel alienated from our centre or source; we experience this as a fear of loss or abandonment and as a sense of being out of touch with our true nature. We are not, at that time, in resonance with our own bodies, our own minds, or our own selves, nor are we in a resonant relationship with the universe. Conversely, in those moments when we experience oneness and come into alignment with our source, or true nature, we no longer feel alone or abandoned. We are coming home, in resonance with our source.

If we remain misaligned or separated from our source, we eventually become ill, which reminds us to come back into resonant unity.

The essence of healing, then, is to become one with the source of our being."

Dr. Laskow "Healing for Giving Love"



About the Abeliona Retreat and what you can do

Aura Reading

In Abeliona Retreat, you can have a Kirlian photograph taken and analyzed. In cooperation with Full Spectrum, you will see the strengths you already have and we can suggest you the areas that you can develop these potential further. If we identify any disruptive energy patterns we will look for ways of transforming them in order to bring more energy and balance in your life.Or you can just take a picture of your aura when you come and before leaving, so that you can see how Abeliona and your stay here has affected you.


Visit the Temple of Apollo Epicurius

World Heritage Site by UNESCO and one of the best preserved classical antiquity, the temple of Apollo Epicurius was built in the 5th BC century by Iktinos. The monument can be compared in importance to Acropolis. According to the myth the inhabitants of the area of Fygaleia dedicated the temple to Apollo, when he helped them to overcome a major epidemic. That was the reason why they called him “Epicurius” (for the cure).


Discover Neda’s waterfalls

Neda is the one and only river in Greece with a female name, which derives from the ancient nymph Neda, one of three nymphs who nursed the god Zeus. The impressive waterfalls falling from a height of 7 meters (the lowest) and 20m (the highest) form a beautiful, turquoise small lakes that-especially in the summer – give visitors the opportunity for a quick refreshing splash.


Wander the medieval town of Karytaina

Karytaina first mentioned in the 13th AD century. Today is characterized as a traditional settlement. The medieval castle and the plethora of Byzantine churches complete the picture. The main attraction is the well preserved Frankish castle, built on top of the hill, which was also used as the base of Kolokotronis activities during the Greek revolution of 1821.



The dozens of hiking trails that we have marked all over the area around the Abeliona Retreat, are ideal to feel the special energy of the area, get in touch with nature and to release all your senses. It is a network with a total length of 26km, that leads you to breathtaking routes between the impressive chestnut and the stone built villages around it.


Moutain Bike

The forest paths and the mapped trails around Abeliona Retreat are as if they were made specifically for the chevron tires of mountain bikes. The soft soil, the altitude differences and the continuous alternations of landscape make the perfect background to add a small dose of adrenaline in your day, but also to work out all of your body. And if you do not have your own bike you can always rent one at the reception.


Rafting in the Lousios river

It is considered to be one of the most complete and beautiful routes in Greece, as the combination of the Arcadian landscapes and the impressive passages is really unique. Crystal waters, vertical cliffs, natural tunnels of plants and trees as well as rare birds, offer a unique experience for everyone, since all it takes is to be in a good physical condition and to have swimming knowledge.


Some details

The workshop start Saturday at 13:00, still if you wish you can and book at Abelionas Retreat from Friday.

We will have 5 meetings, every day at noon and late evening, still if you wish you can have private session with Dana and Dimitris

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