Finding absolute Peace at the Magical Forest of  Vargiani 

There is a unique tiny stone-built village, next to a beautiful wild forest with its incredible fairy's cave. Vargiani has been characterized as a "protected remarkable location". It is located in western Parnassos, only two

hours and 15 minutes from Athens.

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In this blessed place of tranquility with its unique and gorgeous inhabitants, you can experience a state of serenity and healing for body, mind and soul . The beauty of nature, the amazing restaurants, the cozy café, the hospitable guesthouse and the natural thermo healing baths just 20 minutes away from the village, will lead you to an unprecedented sense of rejuvenation and relaxation.


Accommodation in Vargiani’s Guesthouse Archontolithos

The warm hospitality of Mrs. Dimitra and the amazing view of the guest house, will leave you speechless. The gorgeous stone-built guesthouse is located next to the central square of the village.

Tel. land line :+30 2265091648

Tel. cell :+30 6932185848  Mrs. Dimitra Kaperoni


What to see and do

Hiking towards Fairy's cave, starting from Vargiani village

An exceptional attraction of the area is the notorious cave of Fairy's cave, where according to the legend was formerly inhabited by fairies. It is a cave full of remarkable stalagmites and stalactites, located in the middle of a steep cliff to the south of the village (near Fassoulorahi). You may reach it by following the rock ‘s only path.
Degree of difficulty: Moderate
Time: 4 hours 56 minutes

The wisdom of the forest

Α challenging journey through the woods. You will get in contact with the elements of the forest that will help you constrain the mind, and thus let innocence, receptivity, imagination and intuition to emerge within you. And all answers will silently appear.

Vagonetto 5 minutes away from Vargiani village

An exceptional journey to the moors of the earth, where you will have the opportunity to learn about the life of the miners and visit an underground vault in which time froze in the middle of the 20th century.

Natural thermo Healing baths just 20 minutes away from the village

Healing spa baths of Thermopylae and Damasta will lead you to an unprecedented sense of rejuvenation and relaxation. 



Visit to Delphi, 50 minutes from Vargiani

According to the myth Zeus freed two eagles, one to the East and one to the West, and they met in Delphi, creating thus the center of the world. In the Navel of the earth, as it was called Delphi, it was the most important oracle of the ancient Greeks, whose reputation exceeded the boundaries of Greece, a fact evidenced by the findings of the excavations in Syria and Armenia.

Visit to Galaxidi, just 45 minutes from Vargiani

Arriving at Galaxidi, the first thing you meet is its ... peacefulness. The road leads you to Nicholas Mama Square and the main harbor. Fresh sea breeze, cafes and traditional restaurants, tied sailboats reminding of old glories, while people are swinging across Pera Panda, the pine-covered slope. Preserved captain-houses compose a backdrop that reminds of Nafplio, maintaining though a kinder and less commercial character.

The giants rocks of Meteora 2.5 hours from Vargiani

The magnificence of nature reveals its majesty over the centuries, as it is a unique geological phenomenon and an important monument of Orthodoxy. Meteora, which has been characterized as the second Mount Athos, maintains its monastic tradition for about six centuries 

peace. love. balance.